Good food makes a good school trip…

We are giving you the control so you get what you want.

You can Self-Cater or arrange a contract Caterer for your group.  Sorry we are not currently offering in house catering.

When thinking about catering you will need to have the following considered:

  • Typical age of your group
  • Special Dietary Requirements; Medical, Cultural and Ethical dietary requirements need to be addressed, however in more severe cases the individual(s) may be safer to self cater
  • What style of food is appropriate for your group
  • What meals you are wanting to provide


  • We have a very well equipped commercial kitchen that you are welcome to self cater from. 
  • You can arrange to have your food delivered here directly if you order through Bidfood, please let us know if this is something you’d like to arrange.


Below are experienced and well qualified caters available in our area for you to choose from.   

When discussing your needs with them, make sure you advise them of the considerations mentioned above and discuss which meals you want catered and what your standard and budget expectations are so they can best meet your needs.



Dale Erueti

Blue Hill Cafe – Owhango


Michelle McGill

Food with Altitude – Catering Services

  • Extensive experience in large group catering.
  • Familiar with catering at The Crossing Lodge.


  • Ph. 021 242 1131